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” Nous sommes très satisfaits des prestations que vous avez fournies; vous avez fait preuve beaucoup de humanite et professionnalisme; vous formez une equipe au top!”



Hotel Fiore Peschiera del Garda (VR)

soggiorno dal 27/07/2022 al 03/08/2022

My name is Husam Jeries, a disabled using an electric wheelchair. During my vacation in
Italy I was assisted by a specialized team of nurses: Anna Penini and Tiziano Salari, from
Cure a Vita.
From the first moment of connection (which was created by searching the web and reaching
their site, which included a WhatsApp link), Anna and Tiziano were so professional, weather
by asking the proper questions or sending correct remarks. They wanted from the beginning
to know by details everything about my handicap, and the way I manage my daily life. They
were open and willing to hear about my disability in order to take care of all obstacles
I’m so grateful to you Anna and Tiziano, for your loyalty to your work and your desire to help
disabled people in achieving their dreams for a fantastic vacation, and this is what happened
to me: my vacation in Italy was perfect, exciting and charming due to the sacred work that
you did for me. This is the first time in my life that I stay in an accommodation free of any
concerns regarding my daily morning activities. I have to mention also their efficiency in
performing the job they did every morning, their professional attitude, their positive
thinking, their kindness, their politeness and so on.
God bless you dear Anna and Tiziano and may your dreams come true so soon.

Husam Jeries


Resort Hotel Gardaland - Castelnuovo del Garda (VR)

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