via Erculiano Papa 13 Desenzano del Garda 25015 (BS)



Everything you need, comfortably in the hotel or at your home. Qualified personnel will satisfy your every need.

  • venous sampling
  • measurement of vital signs: body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, saturation
  • intramuscular, subcutaneous and intravenous injections
  • administration of medicines topically, by inhalation (aerosol therapy)
  • drip application
  • simple and complex dressings
  • stitch removal
  • simple and complex bandages
  • …and much more


A staff of professional doctors makes their skills available to guarantee you a pleasant holiday.

  • dermatological performance
  • cardiological performance
  • physio / massage therapy services
  • pediatric performance
  • eye care services
  • geriatric benefits
  • ultrasound performance
  • neonatal performance
  • oncological performance
  • neurological performance
  • pain therapy


Thanks to the Allianz group, our trusted partner, we are happy to offer an insurance policy for your stay


You will finally be able to enjoy a well-deserved holiday on our lake. Thanks to the collaboration of one of our health partners, we will set up the hotel room according to your needs.


Are you without an aid to fully enjoy your stay? Are you deprived at your residence? We can fulfill your request.

Rental and sale of:

  • electric hospital bed
  • anti-decubitus mattress
  • lifter
  • manual and electric wheelchairs
  • walking aids
  • reducers and lifts the toilet
  • …and much more


From today, cycling, alone or with your family, is no longer an IMPOSSIBLE thing. Thanks to a company specialized in the sector that supports us, you can ask us for your favorite bicycle and we will be happy to satisfy you, offering you tours of the Garda hinterland, with trained cycle guides.

Rental and sale of:

  • wheelchair bike, to be free to travel even with a wheelchair
  • cargo bike, to carry more people
  • tricycle, for extra support and excellent stability thanks to the three wheels
  • tandem, suitable for two people and accessible for disabled people