Cura è Vita in schools

Professionisti Sanitari a Domicilio

"Cura è Vita in schools"
is a project by Perini Anna,
graduate nurse working in the freelance profession

his “Cura è Vita” project was born in 2016 and guarantees nursing assistance within hotels

with particular attention to the disabled

Care is Life has been in the area for four years and is in fact increasingly attentive to people’s needs. For this he decided to bring his own experience also within schools

with a tourist and / or social health address

Much more, with the collaboration of


we want raise awareness the students of the 3, 4 and 5 higher that one tomorrow they will be operators in the field tourist hotel is socio-sanitary.

Perini Anna and the comedian Marco della Noce , testimonial of the project on 6 December 2020 at the Alberti Theater of Desenzano del Garda .

In fact, even today the disability it is seen by young people as a diversity that makes them laugh.

“Care is life in schools” , with the support of teachers, provides a series of meetings with students .

In one of these meetings the children will be put in a condition of pseudo-disability temporary to arouse in them greater empathy

in fact once worn the clothes of a hypothetical disabled customer they will realize how everyday life is lived for these people

and how a small difficulty for us able-bodied can be a huge inconvenience for the disabled.

Not only that, at the end of the project the boys will produce a protocol which will serve as a guideline in the management of:

  • booking and / or management of the disabled customer for the tourism sector
  • care management of a disabled patient in the social-health sector

Sup your dreams

Sup Your Dreams APS

he has been in the Garda area for some time in the figure of president David De Regibus to promote sustainable sports mobility starting from the practice of SUP.

We have made a slow and precarious craft a real means of transport.

A multimodal approach can make human-powered mobility truly sustainable


we will show you how without private motor vehicles you can combine rowing transport with pedal or foot transport, assisted by sailing accessories and public transport.

You will make your paddle shifts a 100% green, fun and creative game!

And not only that: our mission is also to make these good practices accessible to people with disabilities and reduced mobility.

Together we want to rediscover the great value of our strengths to move independently and respecting the environment.

Do you want Cura è Vita to speak in your school?
What compares with your kids and teachers?