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Opair is a bicycle that allows a person in a wheelchair to be transported thanks to a very convenient and practical integrated wheelchair that becomes stand-alone in the split-frame version. In fact, in all Opairs, a seat for people in wheelchairs is placed at the front of the bicycle. In the split-frame version, this element can be unhooked to become an independent wheelchair. The front wheels are slightly inclined to make driving stable and comfortable. The seat, back and footrest are adjustable in depth, so as to fit with
few gestures according to the passenger’s size.

Fun2Go is a vehicle designed for two people sitting side by side: one person drives, both can pedal. The tricycle is designed for recreation but also to assist therapeutic programs or rehabilitation paths. Customizations and accessories dedicated to the world of disabilities are available. Each Fun2Go is custom-built for the client’s specific ergonometric, physiological, and rehabilitation needs.

Chat is an e-bike that gives people the opportunity to talk to others, literally “chat(ting).” The two people joining the group as co-pilots are seated next to each other in a specially designed seat with a perfect combination of ergonomics and design. In addition to offering a solution for older people and families, the pedal-assisted Chat is also suitable for people who want to take a guided tour and is ideally used for nursing institutions and vacation villages.