via Erculiano Papa 13 Desenzano del Garda 25015 (BS)


The Association pursues civic, solidarity and socially useful purposes through the
Continued performance of activities in the general interest under Art. 5 of Legislative Decree. July 3
2017 n. 117 as amended and supplemented, mainly in favor of the
Associates and third parties aimed at:
– Promote the establishment of an association whose formation was inspired by the
acquaintance of Jonathan Ryan, a quadriplegic boy from Ireland who, came to Lake
Garda to marry in 2016 and from whose acquaintance a deep friendship was born. The meeting
with Jonathan prompted the founders to pursue the goal of giving all people the
possibility of being able to enjoy even a simple vacation on the lake, and consequently
Make Lake Garda inclusive and accessible to 360°, that is, to everyone: disabled and non-disabled.
– The “BEACH IS LIFE” facility will be the first beach on Lake Garda equipped for
disabled and non-disabled alike, accessible to all who wish to do so while enjoying the beautiful
That nature makes available to us.
(a) It is crucial for founding members to see a lake finally accessible to all in the
true sense of the term, as currently individuals with disabilities are forced, in order to
Lack of facilities, adequate measures to help them in movement and enjoyment
of services accessible to others, to stay at home, confined to their four walls.
– “Beach is Life” wants to add value to Lake Garda by promoting tourism and
making it accessible, empowering all individuals of whatever color they are,
of whatever extraction they are, whatever state of health they are in, to enjoy the lake and
Of its all-around beauty.
In order to achieve this forward-looking and beneficial goal, in running the facility
qualified personnel and interns, disabled and non-disabled subjects, will be used who will be
will make themselves available to meet any needs of users and to be of assistance to their
needs and to their leisure.

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